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Emerald Green Vase

Emerald Green Vase

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One of the cooler products that has made its way to Pop By The Store. This 3D printed vases gives the illusion of chrome or metal when in reality, it’s made from recycled food grade packaging. A conversation piece that will have your friends picking up this lightweight vase wondering what it is! Does not include flowers or stems.


~ 3D printed vase made in Vancouver, Canada.

~ No two vases are the same! 

~ Handwash only

~9.5” x 4”, opening 3”


PLA or Polylactic Acid is a thermoplastic that is made from renewable source material, by fermenting the sugars from corn starch into lactic acid, which is then transformed into a type of polyester. This process requires 1/3 the energy to manufacture as traditional petroleum based plastics. Due to its origins, it is easily recyclable or biodegradable in industrial composting conditions.
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